More Blogs coming

Blogs relating to each of the planned 'Upcoming Vandagraf Reports' are in the pipeline - Topics to be covered:

  • Hybrid digital / analogue printing presses for packaging and labels - Market growth trends and opportunities
  • Printable electronics for packaging and labels
  • The emergence of the internet of packaging (IoP), far reaching implications for brand owners and the packaging industry
  • RFID sensors, time temperature loggers, product quality assurance for food, pharmaceuticals and other products, market opportunities, technology developments and implementations
  • RFID NFC in retail, market opportunities, technology developments and implementations
  • Blockchain, distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), applications in packaging, labels and supply chain management, product authentication, brand protection and anti counterfeit
  • Online sales fulfilment packaging – Business & market opportunities
  • The future of security printing – packaging, labels, banknotes and security documents
  • Electronics, auto, aero, defense - Brand protection & Product authentication, track & trace
  • Sustainable Packaging - Future options and trends in the face of compelling demands

Publication of the above report titles is scheduled for 2020 / 2021

White papers and tables of contents are in the pipeline - Available on request

Titles may be prioritised and research analysis progressed subject to levels of interest shown - Your feedback will be appreciated

For further information, please contact: