Areas of Expertise

Brand protection - Counterfeit deterrence

Consumer-enabled product authentication

Packaging and labels - Connected packaging

Printing markets & technologies (digital - conventional - security)

Supply chain - Logistics - Track and Trace

Consumer Engagement - Mobile advertising and promotional activities




Market analysis & Surveys

Multi-client studies & Techno-economic reviews

Strategic planning inputs

Market Research & Interviews (face-to-face - telephone - questionnaire)

Event planning - International conferences and workshops

Brand Protection Case Management Software

Brand protection reports

Jewellery and Watches

Drink and Food Products

Brand Protection Solutions

Automotive and Aeronautical Parts

Aeronauical and Defense Aftermarket

Electronic Equipment and Components

Luxury Products, Beauty Products and Apparel

Techno-economic reports


Brand protection

Tamper-evident solutions

Taggants / Forensic markers

RFID / NFC for brand protection

Mobile advertising / promotions

Smartphone consumer-enabled product authentication