Areas of Expertise


Brand protection - Counterfeit deterrence

Supply chain - Logistics - Track and Trace

Packaging & labels - Connected packaging

Consumer-enabled product authentication

Printing markets & technology (digital, conventional, security)

Consumer Engagement - Mobile advertising & promotional activities



Strategic planning inputs

Market analysis & Surveys

Brand Protection Case Management Software

Multi-client studies & Techno-economic reviews

Event planning - International conferences & workshops

Market Research & Interviews (face-to-face, telephone, questionnaire)

Brand protection reports

Jewellery & Watches

Drink & Food Products

Brand Protection Solutions

Automotive & Aeronautical Parts

Aeronauical & Defense Aftermarket

Electronic Equipment & Components

Luxury Products, Beauty Products & Apparel

Techno-economic reports


Brand protection

Tamper-evident solutions

Taggants / Forensic markers

RFID / NFC for brand protection

Mobile advertising / promotions

Smartphone consumer-enabled product authentication