Vandagraf International

Vandagraf International offers an international network of highly experienced consultants, with complementary areas of expertise enabling excellent synergies to be achieved in selected industry sectors worldwide.

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Bricad Associates

Boucher-Lensch Associates

World Security Exchange

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James Bevan is the Founder and Director of Vandagraf International. A number of specialised consultants with strong experience in related areas have joined the Vandagraf network of consultants as Associates. The team provides a strong emphasis on international business with a broad range of industry experience and in-house language skills.

Evolving from the packaging / labels and security print fields, Vandagraf International has increasingly been focussing on Brand Protection / Anti-counterfeit - Markets and Technologies for a number of years.

Vandagraf is well placed to carry out technical and market surveys in this field and is able to draw on ongoing working relationships with a number of additional associate consultancies, as and when required.


Partners include:

  • Rosslyn Analytics - UK - Dedicated supply chain management and analytics software.
  • Product & Image Security Foundation - UK - Information source for brand protection, product and image security, counterfeit deterrence and theft prevention.
  • IPI (Europe) supports companies at the leading edge of technology adoption by providing a single, independent source of expertise on disruptive technologies in areas such as RFID, NFC and printed electronics for anti-counterfeit and brand protection applications.
  • - Switzerland - Document protection, including blockchain-based solutions, big-data analaysis and advanced smartphone interfaces. 
  • Bricad Associates Sàrl - Switzerland - International consultants specialising in industrial marketing in the metals industry and aluminium packaging.
  • Boucher-Lensch Associates, LLC - US / Switzerland - The company provides strategic and financial advisory services to public and private companies in the electronics technology and life sciences instrumentation industries as well as M&A advisory, private placements, strategic planning, and analysis.
  • Cabinet Penhallow, SA - France - International multi-lingual market research consultants specialising in labels and packaging.
  • Global Information, Inc. - Japan / US - International consultants specialising in Asian and North American markets.


Areas of special expertise include:

  • Brand Protection / Counterfeit and Piracy Deterrence, Tamper Evidence, Anti-theft
  • Packaging / Labels
  • Printing technology - Security / conventional / digital
  • Supply Chains / Logistics / RFID / NFC
  • High security web applications


Activities include:

  • Multi-client techno-economic market studies.
  • Original research by direct or telephone interviews, questionnaire based if required (multi-lingual).
  • Market information and inputs for strategic planning.
  • Confidential, dedicated single-client consultancy assignments.
  • Due diligence, merger and acquisition studies.
  • Benchmarking of firms and/or products.