Comprehensive new market study report published July 2019 - White Paper available on request.

RFID / NFC - Smart Phones / Proprietary Readers - Retail Branded Products (Drinks, Food, Health & Beauty, Luxury Goods, Apparel, Pharma

‘Connected Packaging’ is defined as a carrier of various types of electronic or optically read ‘devices’ (*) that can transform packaged goods into sensor platforms that can provide:

* Unique serialised IDs codes

* A gateway to the Internet.

Smart phones (or dedicated readers) are then used to access the embedded code (electronic or digital) and this then drives an action in the associated IoT system.

Packaging can also house devices able to sense any changes that take place and store any variable data relating to the way the pack has been handled/used; e.g. a physical change (e.g. tampering or re-filling) or an environmental change (e.g. temperature exposure profile).

Connected Packaging can also be achieved with ‘optical devices’ (e.g.: digitally printed unique codes).