Market and business opportunities evaluated together with a technology overview and profiles of  solution providers.

Colour digital printing is well on the way to being a highly disruptive force, first for labels and more recently in several segments of the much larger packaging industry.

Over the last decade this multi-facetted and complex industry has transformed dramatically with major advances in colour inkjet digital press design and print-head technology, as well as developments in substrate materials and ink formulations.

The growth of colour inkjet digital printing across the labels and packaging industries, already seeing double digit growth, will speed up through to 2023 and beyond as the relentless roll-out of colour inkjet printing of labels and packaging, particularly for the fast emerging industrial-scale, high-volume colour inkjet segment.

As the demand for mass versioning and the customisation of labels and packaging continues to grow, colour digital printing is becoming an increasingly vital component part of converters' capabilities.

The volume demand for consumables will soon dwarf demand for short-run prototyping, versioning and the like, especially in terms of the demand for consumables (substrate materials and digital inks).

Vandagraf is releasing a report titled Colour injet digital printing covering the global labels and packaging markets. The main focus of the report are automated high-volume / high-speed industrial-scale applications for colour inkjet digital printing and presses which will account for the bulk of the demand for consumables (substrate materials and inks).

A summary of the report can be downloaded from the download link under Reports (users are asked to register). For further information, please contact James Bevan at +44 (0) 77 11 946 447 or

Updated September 2018