Peter Boswell (MA, PhD, CEng, EurIng) has a wide and detailed practical understanding of how to distribute protected version of confidential documents across all types of electronic media. His experience comes from the construction industry where he is a Principal Consultant for FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers representing over one million staff working in some 60,000 firms in nearly 90 countries through national member associations. The federation's contracts for works projects and professional services, guides for business practice and procurement and training resources are international standards, used extensively in the public and private sectors.

Peter was until April 2011 the FIDIC General Manager. He was born and educated in Kenya, and received an MA and a PhD in materials engineering from Cambridge and MIT, respectively. He was a Rotary Fellow for Africa for graduate studies and before starting his professional career he worked for two years as a UK Volunteer Overseas for the UN High Commission for Refugees in Burundi and the Congo.

He worked as a process engineer with  Ford in its development centre Dearborn before becoming an Australian mining industry Australian Government Research Fellow attached to the University of Brisbane, Australia. In 1979, Peter joined Anglo-American's Johnson Matthey at its development centre in the UK, becoming Principal Engineer and specialising on process plant for automotive catalysts, fuel cells, industrial platinum products, and precious-metal based dental and medical products.

Following joint projects with Battelle, he joined Battelle-Geneva, the world's largest research and development organisation, as the Group Manager, Process Engineering, responsible for designing and implementing advanced materials processing facilities for major international clients in Japan, the US and Europe.

In 1986, Peter joined the European Physical Society, Geneva, as editor of Europe's main English-language physics publication Europhysics News

He is a Chartered Engineer (UK), EurIng and EurPhys, and a member of professional materials engineering associations in the US, UK and Australia. He also belongs to professional associations for association management and conference organization.

He holds some 40 patents, has published over 100 technical articles and is the co-author of several conference proceedings and two books (on special steels and precious metals processing).

His activities with FIDIC mainly involved the commercial aspects of the federation's worldwide activities that include contracts development, publishing, training programmes, event management, industry surveys and business development.

Dr Boswell's trains regularly for FIDIC on Environmental Management Systems, Project Sustainability Management, Business Integrity Management, Quality Management, Integrated Performance Management, Business Development, Professional Services Agreements, and FIDIC Conditions of Contract, these topics being modules in the FIDIC Guide to Business Practice, Contracts and Procurement Manuals. 

He has represented FIDIC on ISO, UNEP, iISBE, and SBA working groups relating to sustainable construction and infrastructure.   

He currently works as an independent consultant in business development. As an International Expert with the China Association of Plant Engineering Consultants (CAPEC), he helps manage, organise and provide training for the FIDIC Certified Consulting Engineer (FCCE) programme. He also organises and manages the FIDIC-EFCA Consulting Engineering Industry Survey, is a member of the experts committee developing the SuRe standard for sustainable infrastructure, and organises and presents a series of webinars to support the new ISO 37101 management system standard for the management of sustainable cities.

In the field of document protection he has developed and manages messenger-system chatbots for document datebases in the field of contracts as well as blockchain-based encryption to support the distribution of copyrighted documents.  

In association with Bricad Online he manages, maintains and develops the FIDIC-EFCA platforms for project sustainability logbooks and for urban sustainability management.