Jeremy Plimmer (MCIM, AinstP) is the Secretary General of Product & Image Security Foundation (PISF), a United Kingdom based organisation with a worldwide membership of suppliers and users of  Security Print and Security Related Packaging.

Jeremy has over three decades of experience in the security printing and brand protection industries consulting on topics such as currency production, identification documents and brand protection. His original experience in security related print was gained first hand during his employment as Development Director at high security printer Kenrick & Jefferson Ltd (1964-1996).

He is also the Editor and Publisher of Product and Image Security Newsletter, the official publication of PISF. Previously, Jeremy has worked in a number of roles in addition to his duties as editor and secretary of the PISF. These include Security Solutions Consultancy as a consultant and World Wide Security as the Technical Director. He has also worked with Vertec (Holographics) as a non-Executive Director.

He has wide experience of Biometrics and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID/NFC) both in product (brand) protection, supply chain management and in Identification Documents (such as e-passports and drivers' licences). Other topics include nanotechnology and associated materials for authentication and identification of diversion, tampering and dilution attacks. 

In October 2010 he published The Encyclopaedia of Brand Protection and Security Printing Technology with co-Author Mike Fairley. Jeremy is a regular speaker on the international conference circuit addressing audiences in both Europe and North America. He is also the author and co-author of a number of specialist techno-economic reports on the market for anti-counterfeiting systems and devices. In 2013, Woodhead Publishing in the UK featured a chapter on smart packaging specially written by him in a new textbook entitled Trends in packaging of food, beverages and other fast-moving consumer goods.

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