Brian Weeks

Brian Weeks (BSc, PhD) specialises in technology-based innovation and a highly experienced strategic consultant and advisor to premier clients and government organisations.

He has wide experience and practical knowledge of disruptive technologies. This includes RFID-based systems, intelligent packaging, emerging wireless communications technologies, positioning and location systems, Electronic Article Surveillance, and anti-counterfeiting technologies. With in depth knowledge of many different market sectors he creates value through building an understanding of how to exploit emerging technologies and transform business processes. 

Having obtained a doctorate in chemistry at Leeds University, UK, he started his career at BP, where he patented a series of innovative new products and processes. He then transferred to BP Ventures where he was responsible for exploiting in-house technology and making external investments in technology-based businesses. 

In 1993 he joined the Centre for Exploitation of Science & Technology (CEST) in London where he managed a major collaborative Knowledge Transfer Programme on intelligent packaging, EAS and RFID involving over 25 international companies & organisations. 

He then helped develop Integrated Product Intelligence into the leading independent consultancy services company specialising in integrated data and security RFID systems. He delivered over 100 major assignments, including work on: business case formulation; profiling acquisition targets and market entry strategies. 

A recognised expert in managing and sustaining large complex cross-sector industry projects, he originated and led a number of innovative multi-stakeholder projects, including high profile Showcase Demonstrators funded within the £5.5million Home Office Chipping of Goods Initiative

He secured £1.5m UK Department of Trade and Industry funding to operate the Centre for Information on the Move Systems; under the three-year Next Wave Technologies and Markets Initiative. As Centre Director, he led knowledge transfer and dissemination programme, including the award-winning Marks & Spencer's RFID projects and Lancaster University’s work for determining locations using GSM beacons.

Brian is an expert facilitator and communicator able to express and communicate complex technical ideas clearly. He has authored numerous authoritative reports on EAS, intelligent packaging, RFID and its applications for inventory and asset management, and crime reduction. 

He now manages IPI (Europe), operating in France and the UK, and works with a network of associates and partners.  

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