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As part of our commitment to fight counterfeiting, Vandagraf International is constantly seeking new and improved solutions and technologies that can support the brand protection related activities of brand owners.
In this regard Vandagraf has recently entered in to a strategic partnership with US / UK based data and content analytic experts Integritie.
We have invited a number of companies to participate in a webinar introducting and demonstrating the Integritie Knowledge Capture (KC) dedicated anti-counterfeit content management analytics software.
The aim of this interactive webinar is to introduce the extensive capabilities, power and potential benefits of the KC software.
If your company has not been invited, please contact James Bevan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (+44 77 11 94 74 47) as there may be an opportunity to participate.


The Knowledge Capture Webinar

Knowledge Capture
The webinar we will provide examples of counterfeiting to show how the KC software solution's powerful tools can manage and contain the diverse counterfeit issues being experienced by individual brand owners.
A member of the Integritie pre-sales team will host the main part of the webinar following a brief introduction by Vandagraf.
As a point of reference, Procter & Gamble’s Corporate Global Brand Protection Team has adopted the Integritie Knowledge Capture software globally across some 60 countries and multiple P&G brands.
The system is now paying for itself many times over in terms of controlling counterfeiting of P&G’s product portfolio. It limits brand damage, while ensuring customer satisfaction as well as safety.
For other major global brand owners, the management of multiple counterfeiting incidents taking place around the world can be a big headache. The KC software is of particular value for companies where scale and complexity are key elements, including:
  • multiple product categories;
  • multiple packaging variants: languages, pack sizes, packaging types (blister, folding cartons, bottles, etc.), multi-packs, promotions and special offers, and so on);
  • multiple country and regional markets.
Vandagraf and Integritie feel sure that participants will benefit greatly from this informative and engaging education and demonstration webinar. It will represent one hour of time very well spent. 

A brief overview of global counterfeiting
Why should brand owners spare the time to get up to speed on what the KC software can do?
The World of counterfeiting is changing at an alarming rate. New ways of dealing with this runaway problem are needed. We believe with have part of the answer!
A quick glance at estimates for the evolution of counterfeiting  shown below speak for themselves. The table shows ICC and OECD best estimates of the evolution global financial losses by value owing to counterfeiting and piracy.
Evolution of global financial losses due to counterfeiting
  2009 losses $ billions 2014 losses $ billions 2019 losses $ billions
Counterfeit and pirated products
  International trade 434 665 1457
  National trade 244 355 654
  Global 678 1020 2109
Digital piracy
  Global 69 132 593
Total counterfeit and pirated products 747 1156 2670
Evolution of annual growth rates - Losses due to counterfeiting
  2009 - 2013 % annual growth 2013- 2019 % annual growth
Counterfeit and pirated products
  International trade 7.0 17.0
  National trade 6.5 13.0
  Global 6.8 15.6
Digital piracy
  Global 9.2 35.0
Total counterfeit and pirated products 7.0 18.0
Sources: International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
It can be seen that the growth rates of financial losses due to counterfeiting and related activities have been accelerating at an alarming rate since around 2013. They forecast to continue to grow at an annual rate of around 15.6% through to 2019, up from 6.8% over the previous five-year period.
This is a big change for the worse and the ramifications are sure to be far reaching. 
Meanwhile, the brand protection industry is trying to respond in an effective and coordinated way. 
Of course a great deal rests with the brand owners themselves and the budget increases they may see fit to allocate to fight the growing problem. 
It is Vandagraf's view that brand owners need to step up their level of response to the greatly increasing threat of counterfeiting and to consider embracing new and  innovative approaches to managing and containing the problem.

Vandagraf and the Integritie Knowlege Capture Anti-Counterfeit Software System


Integritie is a US / UK based software company offering specialised anti-counterfeit software systems. The company was founded by ex-IBM staff and centred on the IBM i2 software.


Under its partnership agreement with Integritie, Vandagraf International promotes and support Integritie’s anti-counterfeit offerings to potential licensees – primarily global brand owners that are known to face majpr challenges from counterfeiting.
Integritie’s software-based offerings include a powerful anti-counterfeit software – the Knowledge Capture (KC) suite of content management and analytics software solutions.

In brief, the software can gather, collate, store, and analyse multiple cases of counterfeiting. All manner of cross-referencing between cases and suspects is possible enabling legal staff to extrapolate and draw connections between cases,thus facilitating the resolution of criminal activity leading to successful prosecutions.
KC creates an electronic, central Legal File, with counterfeit case management and workflow, consolidating all documents related to a specific investigation, and storing all communication regarding the case, such as:
  • other electronic documents.
  • photos & other types of images
  • emails
  • social media communications
Thus, KC can provide an all-round overview of each and every counterfeit case encountered by global brand owner. 
For some leading companies this may involve dozens or even hundreds of different individual incidents.
So how to identify hidden commonalities between cases that may provide insights into the same individuals and /or criminal organisations behind this criminal activity?
KC Analytics modules automatically can scan all kinds of consumer messages that may be seen as potential relevant to the brand's integrity (from emails to social media communications).
To understand the importance of the content in relation to multiple check points the KC system can automatically capture the ‘sentiment’ of a consumer’s communication which can provide a basis for classifying and prioritising counterfeit risks.
The KC system can scan millions of suspect counterfeit transactions automatically every hour and identify suspect transactions amongst a multitude of authentic activities. KC can also automatically identify retail web site fake products based on the identification of non-authorised bar code reads and/or smart phone recognition.
A smartphone app can perform counterfeit database lookups against known counterfeit products and /or product batches to confirm counterfeits.
KC’s sophisticated dashboard analytics allow the brand owner to drill down in to the large volume of available data on a selective basis, based on their specific reporting requirements, which in turn can facilitate the making of connections.

This can be accomplished by leveraging data and information regarding implicit and explicit associations and hidden common connections (geospatial trends, regional clusters, suspect names that come up repeatedly, which suspects have known connections with which other suspects and so on) that can ultimately lead to successful prosecutions.




Knowledge Capture


Knowledge Capture(KC) is an ecosystem of many software partners who have come together to combine leading anti-counterfeit tools to provide a single, focused KC service to identify counterfeited products and support counterfeit management processes.
Integritie's copyrighted Knowledge Capture Anti-Counterfeit Platform enables organisations to manage end-to-end counterfeit processes, providing a single cloud solution to seamlessly capture and control counterfeit information from both web and physical seizures.

Integritie, based in the US and the UK,  provides on-site and cloud solutions for content management and for information and social media consolidation.
Activities include
  • - solution design,
  • - implementation,
  • - helpdesk and technical support,
  • - image and social capture,
  • - automated information extraction,
  • - PC information capture,
  • - eMail archives,
  • - ECM system consolidation.

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